25 March; Return to Play – Latest Update from England Hockey Update
We have returned to play at England Hockey’s ‘Steps 4 & 5’ wef 29 March.

We will operating  the procedures dated March and April 2021 below based on the  Risk Assessments of the same date.


Return to Hockey 

How we can all enjoy hockey safely in a Covid world.  Please read the full procedures below to see what you must do to keep you and your teammates safe.

In short:

  • Register to play for the season – link below.
  • Keep up to date on Teamo.
  • Self-diagnose for Covid symptoms Self-diagnoseIf you suspect you have symptoms follow these instructions Reporting flow chart
  • Keep sanitising hand gel with your kit. Use it before and after your game/session.
  • Arrive changed 15 mins before your match.
  • Don’t touch balls or equipment.
  • Listen to Covid briefings.
  • Study the Pitch Diagram and Pictorial Guide.
  • Use toilets not changing rooms or showers.
  • Maintain social distancing when not playing.

26 Nov; See updated ‘Return To Play’ guidance in line with new Government Tier levels England Hockey Update

Look out for updates to our procedures.

Latest Update


March 2021  Junior games/sessions at Lucas Lane Junior training at Lucas Lane
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9218Tec4fE
10 Sept  Away matches Away matches
April 2021  ‘Step 5’ Tier 2 for teams visiting Lucas Lane Teams visiting Lucas Lane
April 2021 ‘Step 5’ Tier 2 competitive matches at Lucas Lane Matches at Lucas Lane
April 2021  ‘Steps 4 & 5’ Tier 2 for teams visiting Hitchin Boys’ School Teams visiting HBS
April 2021  ‘Step 5’ Tier 2 for home matches at Hitchin Boys’ School Procedure step4_5 HBS April 2021
March 2021  ‘Step 4’ Adult coaching (& local match play) at Lucas Lane Procedures at Lucas Lane


Updated Home Pitch Diagrams and Guidance
 March 2021  Lucas Lane Diagram – applic  to Training Arrangements Covid Lucas Lane pitch diagram
 4 Sept 2010  Lucas Lane Pictorial Guide Pictorial Guide Lucas Lane 
 4 Sept 2010  Hitchin Boys’ School  Diagram HBS Pitch diagram
 Updated  Latest Risk Assessment
March 2021  Juniors Lucas Lane pitch – Step 4  Updated Junior RS Lucas Lane
March 2021  Seniors Lucas Lane pitch – Steps 4 & 5 Updated RA Lucas Lane
 April 2021  Hitchin Boys’ School pitch – Steps 4 & 5  RA HBS

14 Aug: Have a look at England Hockey’s Return to Play Guidelines on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-8Bax0-wNA&t=2s And this Quick Guide

15 Aug: Register now to play hockey this season – this includes the England Hockey’s compulsory Participation Agreement: http://blueharts.clubbuzz.co.uk/news/register_now_

Blueharts’ Covid Officer: Ian Noble 07717 606870