20 July 2021; Return to Play – Latest Update from England Hockey. 
Please read this Summary of the changes from last season’s procedures.

    Latest Update


    August 2021 Junior games & sessions at Lucas Lane Juniors at Lucas Lane
    August 2021 Guidance for teams visiting Lucas Lane Teams visiting Lucas Lane
    July 2021 Competitive matches  and adult coaching at Lucas Lane Blueharts at Lucas Lane
    August 2021 Guidance for away teams at Hitchin Boys’ School Teams visiting HBS
    August 2021 Home matches at Hitchin Boys’ School Blueharts at HBS


     Updated  Latest Risk Assessment
    July 2021  Lucas Lane pitch – Juniors  Junior RS Lucas Lane
    July 2021  Lucas Lane pitch  –  Adults  RA Lucas Lane
    July 2021  Hitchin Boys’ School pitch   RA HBS
    July 2021  Away matches   RA Away match

    Blueharts’ Covid Officer: Ian Noble 07717 606870