Getting to our new pitch – guidance to members

It is a condition for new developments such as ours that we seek to minimise car journeys. So please consider car sharing as well as alternatives modes of travel.  

Note; the post code on Google Maps and some sat navs do not show the correct route to the club.

Car share

Car sharing is the norm for away games. It is also convenient for members playing at home and for training.  Sharing saves petrol and allows more members to enjoy a drink after a game.

Ask your team members and training colleagues where they live and whether they are willing to share trips.


If you arrive in Hitchin from the:

·         south or east, a drop off at the top of West Hill or Gray’s Lane leaves a walk to the gates of only 120m or 220m respectively.  This saves the driver from meeting any conflicting traffic in Bedford St.

Grays Lane also saves the driver from travelling round the one-way system

·         north, a drop off at the end of Lucas Lane on Redhill Road leaves a walk of 580m. The driver can then avoid Hitchin town centre and the one way system.


Members living in:

·         South Hitchin can reach Lucas Lane via Gray’s Lane or West Hill.

·         North Hitchin can enter Lucas Lane from Redhill Road.

The entrance road and car park now have a designated footpath. The car park is well illuminated.


Secure cycle racks are provided in the new car park.


There is a designated space for motorbikes the new car park.


You will save taxi fares if they use the above dropping-off/picking-up points.

Bus stops

See Appendix in ths section of the website for Saturday bus frequencies at the nearest bus stops.

–          Bedford Rd (nr Waitrose); on the one way system, 650m via Gaping Lane.

–          Old Park Rd (nr West Hill); on the one way system, 650m via Gaping Lane.

–          Fishponds Rd (Hitchin FC entrance); 750m via Maxwell’s Path and Lucas Lane.

–          Bedford Rd (opposite Shell Garage); 750m via Maxwell’s Path and Lucas Lane.

We will run surveys to see what modes of travel are used and to see if car journeys are reducing.

Thank you for your co-operation.