We at last have our own pitch – now we must look after it

We have invested in a high spec sand-dressed pitch with a 10 year warranty.  If we look after it, it will last much longer and save us all money.                                              


·         From the changing rooms use the path on the cricket ground side of the clubhouse, avoiding the grass.

·         If your astro boots are muddy please use boot brushes by the access gate.


Please abide by the Rules and Conditions of use posted by the entrance gate.

·         Clean astro shoes please. Flat-soled training shoes wear the pitch 20% more than astros.

·         No shoes, football boots or ‘blades’

·         No food or chewing gum

·         No glass or cans

·         No smoking on or around the pitch

·         No litter – use the bins

·         No dogs

Only players, coaches and officials on the playing and run-off areas

·         Spectators to use the designated area.  All children to be supervised.

·         Use the macadam strip for warm-up shuttles (so avoiding the car park and cricket pitch). This leads to the carpeted ‘dynamic’ warm-up area.

·         Do not enter the playing area until the preceding game or session has finished.


·         Require at least 4 people to tip them back on the roller side before movement.

·         Store in the designated area with the open side facing the fence and leaving space to allow the mini tractor to enter/exit the maintenance shed.


We have muffled kickboards and an acoustic fence.

·         For training and practice:

o        insert the back-board pads into the goals.

o        take short corners on the ‘red Ds’ on the side of the pitch except that by the care home.

Carpet care

A panel of trained volunteers will use the mini-tractor for weekly brushing and leaf collecting. 

A specialist firm will undertake periodic carpet maintenance.

·         Spread training across the pitch – move the goals to the red Ds where possible. 

·         There are half-pitch floodlights.

·         Report any parting seams, lifted carpet, spillages and soiling.

·         Do not walk on the pitch if covered with snow or is thawing.


We have high spec and efficient LED floodlights that require little or no maintenance. 

·         Save electric by arranging for them to be turned off if a match or training slot is cancelled.

·         The mid-lux setting is adequate for training and most matches.