England Hockey believes that all young people have the right to be safe and enjoy their involvement in hockey and is committed to promoting the welfare of all young people in our sport to protect them from harm. In this instance, a young person is defined as anyone under the age of 18.

England Hockey’s safeguarding young people policy is named SafeD.

All young people have the right to be safe and enjoy hockey. Learn about promoting the welfare of all young people in our sport to protect them from harm  SafeD Policy

This policy covers the commitments of those who adopt the policy, how to recognise poor practice and abuse, how to report safeguarding and welfare concerns, useful contacts and provides links to templates and further guidance.

All hockey clubs, associations and individuals are bound to this policy, regardless of their role or whether they have links to young people.

Blueharts HC have adopted SafeD and have our certificate of commitment to it available to view for all current and prospective members.

Blueharts also adopts and uses the Respect Code of Conduct and expects all its members, parents, young people, coaches, captains and officials to be aware of it and abide by it.

 Code of Ethics and Behaviour Respect

Our Welfare Team

Welfare OfficerDebbie Wells[email protected]
07956 553 996
Deputy Welfare OfficerWill Gallimore[email protected]
DBS VerifierJulie Rees[email protected]
Deputy Welfare Officer (Mental Health & Wellbeing)Phil Addison[email protected]
Deputy Welfare Officer (Mental Health & Wellbeing)TBC[email protected]

Safeguarding reporting procedure

All adults who are working or volunteering at Blueharts have a duty of care to remain vigilant and report any suspicions of poor practice or abuse of a child.

It is NOT their responsibility to decide whether an abuse has taken place, but it IS their responsibility to report any concerns they do have to the Welfare Officer.

This can be done verbally or written, and anyone can discuss concerns even if they are unsure as to whether it is worth reporting as the Welfare Officer may have more information or details about that child that others are not aware of.

All captains, coaches, volunteers and anyone working alongside our junior players will have the appropriate safeguarding training and they will also be aware of the following England Hockey Documents:

  • Safe D recognising poor practice and abuse

SafeD Recognising Poor Practice and Abuse

  • Safe D reporting procedures

SafeD Reporting Procedures

  • Safeguarding referral form

Safeguarding referral form SafeD

Injury & Accident reporting for under 18s

All injuries and accidents involving under 18s will be reported to the child’s parents by the Lead Coach or Captain as soon as possible.

Injuries and accidents that require more attention than an ice pack or plaster will be recorded on an accident form, this will be retained in the folder in the clubhouse office and the Welfare Officer made aware.

Incident Reporting Form SafeD

This includes any injury requiring the attention of a First Aider or Medical Staff, a hospital visit or subsequent visit to the GP and should include all head injuries.

As per EH guidance, these injuries should also be reported to them via the online reporting form:

 Injury Reporting Form